Self Care Heroes: Top tips for improving your mood

Self Care Heroes: Top tips for improving your mood

The post-Christmas lull can be tricky, I think we can an agree on that. The British weather doesn't help and it can feel sometimes feel like the dark mornings and even darker evenings will be here forever. But they won't, and there are plenty of small things we can do throughout January and beyond to take care of ourselves and avoid the burnout that can come from desperately trying to stick to grand resolutions and giant gestures.
Have you heard the saying 'look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves?' Self care can be a little like that - pay attention to the small positive habits everyday and they can add up to a more positive outlook overall.
We've rounded up our favourite self-care habits to keep your mindset on track this January...

1) Look after your skin

In the cold of January, small things like remembering to apply a pump of your favourite hand lotion each morning and night will keep your hands from drying out. You're much more likely to stick to postitive habits if you make them obvious, so keeping your favourite hand cream or hand lotion by the sink you brush your teeth at each morning and night means you can stack your new habit (applying a pump of lotion) on top of an existing habit (brushing your teeth) so you'll never forget and your hands will remain soft, clean and hydrated all year long.

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2) Freshen up your home

Fragrance and mood are intrinsically linked, and we naturally become used to certain fragrances overtime, so introducing a new fragrance into your home is a great way to give your home (and yourself) and new year boost. For a more calm and optimistic outlook try scents containing Jasmine, which has been known as a natural anti-depressent. If you're looking to feel more alert and energised, citrus scents are known for their fresh, invigorating effects. Finally, opting for warming scents containing vanilla is also known to lift your mood.

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3) Light your favourite candle

After a busy and stressful day, taking the tiniest bit of 'me time' to strike a match and light your favourite candle can be all you need to take that deep breath and let your body relax. Also, the glow of candlelight on dark evenings, and the gentle crackle of a wooden wick is known to provide calming effects and create a beautiful relaxing ambience.

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