5 thoughtful British Made gifts to remind them of home this Christmas

5 thoughtful British Made gifts to remind them of home this Christmas

This Christmas, more so than ever, it really is the thought that counts. With us all being a little more careful that usual, meaningful gifting has come into sharp focus and so to help you give the gift of 'that warm fuzzy feeling' we've rounded up 5 thoughtful gift ideas to remind them of home this Christmas (and as an added bonus, all 5 are made in the UK!).
Cherry Blossom Illustration

Spring Scent #1: Cherry Blossom

Nothing lets us know that spring has sprung quite like the buds of blossom that appear suddenly one spring morning, as if overnight. One day the branches of the trees lining your daily commute are bare and barren and the next they are adorned with a pretty pink coat of blossom, like a scene from Mary Poppins.

The trouble is, you have to catch them while you can because Cherry Blossom trees are only actually in bloom for around a week before shedding their blooms and carpeting the floor. That being said, their beauty and fragrance is more than worth it, even if only for a week, with Cherry Blossom trees often planted 'ornamentally' and less so for their function or food producing abilities.

Enjoy the scents of sweet, delicate Cherry Blossom for more than just a week with a 45-hour burn time Cherry Blossom candle, or for the whole season with one of our long-lasting reed diffusers, which will scent your home all the way through until summer!

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Bluebell Illustration

Spring Scent #2: Woodland Bluebell

With over half of the world's bluebells grown in the UK, it's no surprise that for many families spring has become synonymous with a trip to their local bluebell woods for a photoshoot amongst the blooms. For those who have never experienced it, the sight (and the scent!) is truly something to behold - an entire woodland floor carpeted with bright blue blooms as far as the eye can see. Now protected here in the UK, digging up a wild bluebell can land you in all sorts of bother, so it's best to bring the scent into your home in the form of a beautiful bluebell scented candle or reed diffuser!

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Lily of the Valley Illustration

Spring Scent #3: Lily of the Valley

Flowering from April to May, Lily of the Valley's arching white bells pop their heads up anywhere with partial shade, often carpeting spring woodland walks and filling the air with their floral, green and fresh spring fragrance.

Lily of the Valley works very well as a cut flower, or choose to bring their scent into your home with a Lily of the Valley candle or reed diffuser instead.

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Still looking for more spring scent inspo? Discover more floral, delicate and pretty fragrances with our spring collection.

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