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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Scented candles to make Mum smile this Mother's Day

Mums deserve the Earth, we all know that. But what does Mum love best? Sentiment, thoughtfulness and memories of course. You know best which scents will evoke your Mum's favourite memories, so shop our County Collection to find a scent to remind Mum of her favourite family holidays, her childhood home or the destination that holds a special place in her heart.
Otherwise, here are our top picks for all the different types of Mums in our lives...
1) The Green-Fingered Mum
Yorkshire 3 Wick
If, like me, your Mum is happiest when in her garden; cuts her grass in all kinds of weather and even hoovers her patio (OK, just my Mum then...), our floral scents are the ones for you:
2) The Holiday Mum 
Cornwall Candle
If most of your happy memories with your Mum include buckets and spades, seaside picnics and paddling in the sea, our coastal scents are sure to bring a happy tear to her eye this Mother's Day:
3) The Sweet Tooth 
Devon 3 Wick
If your Mum is the baker of the family, loves a sugar (or two!) in her tea and always has a sweetie jar stocked full enough to make her grandchildren's eyes pop out, our sweet scents are just right for her:
4) The Outdoorsy Mum
Lakes Candle
If your Mum is never happier than when she's got her walking boots on and her hiking route planned, then our 'outdoorsy' scents are for her:
5) The Glam Mum 
Cotswolds 3 Wick
If your Mum loves the finer things in life (who doesn't?), our luxe scents are the ones for her:
Won't be able to see Mum in person this year?
We can send your pressie directly to Mum's door, and you can even have it gift wrapped with a personal, handwritten message - just select 'gift wrap' when placing your order!
We hope that helps to give you some ideas of ways to make Mum feel special from afar this year, but if you're still looking for some inspiration you can shop all products here.