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3 Autumn Scented candles to brighten your home (and your mood) this month...

SPOILER ALERT! This blog post is for those of you who, like me, get that little tingle of excitement when the nights start drawing in, and the leaves begin to turn golden brown. Don’t get me wrong, summer has its place, but this post is for the Autumn adorers (or Fall favour-ers for our friends across the pond), the woolly scarf-ers and the bonfire night-ers. Today marks the Autumn equinox, so now it’s officially our time to don our fluffy socks, snuggle up under our blankets and light our favourite Autumn scented candles…

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1) The somerset - apple and fresh fig

Think crisp walks through Somerset orchards, the ground strewn with colourful leaves and over-ripe apples. Think apple bobbing at a childhood Halloween party. Think fresh figs, perfectly ripe at local farmers’ markets.

Inspired by golden sunsets over hazy Somerset orchards, our Somerset products are beautifully scented with Apple & Fresh Fig – a crisp, fresh accord of juicy green apples, fresh figs and fruits, blended with herbal middle notes of sage and rosemary, whilst the base remains soft and woody with delicate notes of moss and amber – the perfect Autumn medley!

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2) the hampshire - rosewood and velvet moss

Think family bike rides through the New Forest, the ground damp with morning dew, New Forest ponies on the moors. Think long hikes through wonderful woodlands, stopping for a rest and a flask of tea.

Inspired by family bike rides exploring the woodlands of the New Forest, our Hampshire products are beautifully scented with Rosewood & Velvet Moss – citrus top notes with pear and armoise lead into a heart of amber, English lavender and jasmine, which lie on a base of sandalwood, musk and vanilla. A firm favourite for lovers of more masculine, earthy scents.

Home County Candle Co.-The Suffolk Amber & Sweet Orange 200g Soy Candle-£20.jpg

3) the suffolk - amber and sweet orange

Think misty morning walks along shingle beaches. Think juicy fragrant fruits, as orange as the falling leaves.

Inspired by the historic ‘Amber Coast’ of Suffolk, our Suffolk products are beautifully scented with Amber & Sweet orange – velvet-like amber, incense and musk are heightened with sweet orange in this seductive scent. Perfect for those looking for a scent to take them right through to Winter too.

If you’re not an Autumn lover and you’ve made it this far, I hope this has helped to remind you that the latter part of the year isn’t all bad, even if it just means that you get to enjoy the best Fall scented candles and home comforts! And for my Autumn lovers, let’s enjoy our pumpkin spiced lattes while we can!

Happy snugglin’,

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