Christmas Gift Guide: Scented candles for everyone on your list

Christmas Gift Guide: Scented candles for everyone on your list

With an ever-growing list of loved ones to buy for each year, Christmas shopping can be a daunting and overwhelming task. "How do I choose Christmas gifts they'll actually use?" you might ask in despair. Fear not, we're here to remind you that scented candles make the perfect gift for almost everyone on your list!

Why do candles make the perfect gift?

There's a reason candles top the lists of the most popular Christmas gifts each year. For a start they're versatile - with a wide range of scents available you can often get most of your Christmas shopping ticked off in one place. Floral scented candles for Nan? Tick! Masculine scented candles for him? Tick! Christmas scented candles for the Christmas host? Tick! You get the idea...

Secondly, candle gifts are extremely popular. It's hard to find a person on this planet who doesn't like a beautifully scented, clean burning candle. In fact, us Brits are buying an average of 6 candles each per year, with two thirds of us buying them to make our homes smell nicer and a third of us saying they make us feel more relaxed and cosy.

Last but not least, candles make a great cost-effective and eco-friendly gift, helping you to do your bit for the planet whilst also looking after your bank balance too - win, win!

So, now we've established why candles make the perfect gift this Christmas, let's dive into which scents are best for each of the lucky people on your Christmas list...

A Mulled Wine scented candle and a Cinnamon reed diffuser from the Home County Co are shown on a mantelpiece surrounded by Christmas decorations

Christmas scented candles for the Christmas host

You know how it is - the host of Christmas day dinner rarely gets to fully enjoy the festivities until dessert has been cleared away and the kitchen is back to actually resembling something half-kitchen-like. Even then they're usually so exhausted they crumple into a post-pudding-paralysis.

This year treat the Christmas host to a giant dose of Christmas spirit they can enjoy well into the New Year with a Christmas scented candle. Can't decide between a Mulled Wine scented candle, a Cinnamon candle or a Pine & Peppermint (think real Christmas tree scent!)? Opt for all 3 with our Winter Collection Votive Trio Gift Set.

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Pink rose illustration

Floral scented candles for her

For when flowers just won't cut it, floral scented candles will always do the trick. Whether it's a lavender scented candle for Nan, a red rose scented candle for that special someone or a sweet pea scented candle for your sweet pea, our floral collection has something for everyone.

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The County Antrim Irish Whiskey scented home fragrance collection from the Home County Co,

Masculine scented candles for him

With popularity ever-increasing for "mandles" (or manly candles), it is becoming ever more fashionable for the men of today to pop a richly scented candle on their desk, or enjoy the flickering of a wood wick candle in their homes. With men favouring fresh, woody and mysterious fragrances our woody/dark collection is sure to pique their interest. With English Leather & Oak candles inspired by Northamptonshire shoe factories, Parchment & Quill scented candles inspired by Shakespeare's writing rooms and Irish Whiskey scented candles sure to tickle their taste buds, explore our collection of masculine scented candles today.

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Devon Cream Tea candle from the Home County Co is shown with illustrated teapot and scone

Sweet scented candles for teenagers

Sometimes it can seem like they're growing up too quickly, but really they just want to be a little more like their parents and enjoy that little flicker of independence that comes from taking some 'me time' and enjoying a nice hot candlelit bubblebath. When looking for appropriate candle scents for teenagers and young adults opt for sweet and fruity scents with a sense of fun. Scents like Cream Tea, Bakewell Tart and Honey & Nectar Fruits are perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

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The Highlands Heather and Gorse scented collection from the Home County Co.

Outdoorsy scented candles for the adventurers

You know the type - those adventurous friends who set their alarms at the crack of dawn for a boxing day hike. Help your outdoorsy friends to bring the outside in with our collection of earthy and outdoorsy scented candles. Whether it's the wild Heather & Gorse of the Scottish Highlands, the Freshwater Minerals of the Lake District or the earthy, rocky Oakmoss & Amber of Stonehenge, this collection is sure to contain scents to rekindle their favourite memories of the Great British outdoors.

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